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Each week, Vangst Founder and CEO Karson Humiston talks to the founders, executives, thought leaders and change-makers who are building a brand new industry. Get executive-level insights, and find out why they’re Proud to Work in Cannabis.

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  1. Uncover the Power of Transferable Skills | Cannabis Dreams Begin Here

    Cannabis Dreams Begin Here: Uncover the Power of Your Transferable Skills

    Professionals transitioning into the cannabis industry bring with them a wealth of knowledge on what we call transferrable skills – Learn more about your transferrable skills and how they can be the superpower you need to make the jump into cannabis!

  2. Cannabis Brand Ambassadors | Get Paid to Love Cannabis

    Get Paid to Love Cannabis: The Insider's Guide to Brand Ambassadorship

    Gain helpful tips, advice, and insight into how to navigate the growing landscape of cannabis brand ambassadors. Learn how you can be a friendly face, a guide, and a storyteller in the cannabis industry, as a cannabis brand ambassador!

  3. Unlock Your Future: Discover Thriving Careers in the Cannabis Industry

    Navigating the Cannabis Industry: A Guide for Job Seekers

    Ready to embark on an innovative journey? Explore diverse roles, growth opportunities, and positive impact in the cannabis industry. Start your path today!

  4. Croptober: Unveiling Cannabis Harvest Magic - Join the Movement!

    Countdown to Croptober: Harvesting Cannabis Dreams

    Experience the enchantment of Croptober, the cannabis harvest season. Dive into cultivation secrets, outdoor wonders, and career opportunities. Join now!