Cannabis Conversations: 10 'Proud to Work in Cannabis' Episodes You Can't Miss

Vangst/Sep 20, 2023

hero-graphic-Cannabis Conversations: 10 'Proud to Work in Cannabis' Episodes You Can't Miss

Top 10 Cannabis Podcast Episodes: Insights, Inspiration, and Industry Trends

The weekly “Proud to Work in Cannabis” podcast, hosted by Vangst’s CEO & Founder, Karson Humiston, was created to bring transparency to the industry into the conversations between fellow entrepreneurs, leaders, and change makers in the cannabis industry.

As a result, we have heard from a lot of incredibly talented, dedicated, and passionate individuals who are changing the cannabis industry for the better. While they all have something unique and wonderful to offer, we’re revisiting some of the most insightful, eye-opening, and downright captivating episodes. So whether you’re a seasoned cannabis connoisseur or just beginning to explore the possibilities of the cannabis industry, here are 10 must-listen episodes of the “Proud to Work in Cannabis” podcast:

Episode Highlights

  1. The Roadblocks to Progress: How 280E is Crushing Cannabis Businesses – Special guests Beau Whitney, Chief Economist at Whitney Economics, and Jeremy Berke, Founder of Cultivated News, dive deep into the stifling impact of 280E on the flourishing cannabis industry. Explore the grim realities faced by cannabis businesses, and discover why federal taxation reform is urgently needed.
  2. The Martha Stewart of Edibles: Nancy Whiteman’s Journey to Cannabis Success – Get an insider look into what it took to build the biggest cannabis edibles brand in North America, Wana Brands, directly from CEO & Founder Nancy Whiteman. From humble beginnings in 2010, to the birth of Wana Brands, their astounding $300 million acquisition by Canopy Growth, and more, Nancy’s insights and dedication will leave you inspired and proud to work in the thriving cannabis industry
  3. From Schedule I to Schedule III: Looking into the Cannabis Crystal Ball – Industry experts Jeremy Berke, Founder of Cultivated News, and Beau Whitney, Chief Economist at Whitney Economics, dissect the groundbreaking announcement to shift cannabis from Schedule I to Schedule III. Discover the significance, the economic implications, and the new era of hope, momentum and unprecedented possibilities this monumental move is ushering in for the cannabis industry.
  4. Inside Miss Grass: Building a Powerhouse Cannabis Brand – Kate Miller, the mastermind behind Miss Grass, one of the leading brands in the cannabis industry, gives listeners an inside look into how her journey from the entertainment world to the cannabis realm is a testament to seizing opportunities and strategic planning. Kate’s insights offer valuable lessons for entrepreneurs and cannabis enthusiasts alike.
  5. MSO Myths Debunked: Tracy Brady’s Guide to Navigating Cannabis Communication – Tracy Brady, SVP of Global Communications at Curaleaf, shares her captivating journey into the cannabis industry and reveals the transformative power of storytelling in shaping perceptions about cannabis. Tracy dispels industry myths, offers insights into crisis communication, and navigates the ever-evolving cannabis landscape.
  6. Snoop’s Fund – Casa Verde: Navigating Success in Turbulent Times with Karan Wadhera – Karan Wadhera, Managing Partner at Casa Verde, takes us on a journey from leaving investment banking in Asia to becoming a successful venture capitalist in the cannabis industry. Discover the captivating story of Casa Verde’s growth, the unique dynamics of bridging mainstream investors with the cannabis world, and invaluable advice for entrepreneurs.
  7. From High Stakes to High Investments: Navigating Cannabis Law with Jennifer Fisher – Discover the art of navigating cannabis law and raising capital in the cannabis industry with Jennifer Fisher, co-chair of the cannabis practice at Goodwin. In this episode, Jennifer shares invaluable insights and practical advice, whether you’re a budding cannabis entrepreneur or a seasoned professional. Explore the keys to successful fundraising, preparation for opportunities, and the importance of having tough conversations, all while advocating for positive change in the cannabis world.
  8. The Wild Wild East – CEO of HumbleBloom and Honeypottt, Solonje Burnett, shares her captivating journey from leading cannabis-inspired retreats for companies like Lululemon to transforming the industry’s landscape, particularly in the burgeoning New York cannabis market. Discover how HumbleBloom and Honeypottt are championing equity, inclusivity, and cannabis as plant medicine, revolutionizing the cannabis scene in New York and beyond.
  9. “Legalization is Not a Moment; It’s a Process” Feat. Saphira Galoob – Dive into the intricate world of cannabis legislation with Saphira Galoob, Executive Director of the National Cannabis Roundtable and Principle & CEO of the Liaison Group, as she explores topics like SAFE Banking, the Cole Memorandum, and the hurdles faced on the path to federal legalization. Gain insights into the evolving cannabis landscape, from past challenges to future predictions.
  10. Unlocking Flowhub’s Profitable Success: A Journey of Growing, Innovating & Adapting – Kyle Sherman, CEO & Founder of Flowhub shares the incredible journey of his trailblazing cannabis technology company. Discover the roots of innovation, the challenges faced, and the insights gained as Kyle and Karson reflect on the transformative path of Flowhub.

Here at Vangst, “Proud to Work in Cannabis,” isn’t just a slogan, it’s what drives us to do what we do every day. And while there is still so much to be unlocked in the cannabis industry, we hope to continue to be a resource for insightful conversation, tangible advice, and industry best practices – No matter where you are in your cannabis career.

Looking for more “Proud to Work in Cannabis” content? Find our weekly episodes, anywhere you listen to podcasts, and check out our blog for new industry updates and resources.

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