Vangst GIGs Service F.A.Q.

GIGS Service F.A.Q.

1. Summary. Vangst will search for, recruit, screen, interview and present candidates (“Gigster(s)”) to Client for temporary, hourly work. Client will choose Gigsters it determines to be suitable based on Client’s independent review. Each Gigster will be an employee of Vangst. VANGST WILL USE INDUSTRY-SPECIFIC REASONABLENESS TO VALIDATE SKILLS, EXPERIENCE, REFERENCES, ETC., BUT THIS IS NOT WARRANTED IN ANY WAY BY VANGST. Vangst will conduct background checks only at Client’s request and expense and only in accordance with applicable law(s). Background checks will be performed by a third party and are not intended to be an exhaustive check of employment, education or other background information, and are not warranted in any way by Vangst. Before Vangst engages a Gigster to provide services to Client, the Gigster shall have undergone all pre-employment screening and testing, as required by law, including Form I-9 verification and related recordkeeping. Vangst shall be responsible for (a) paying a Gigster’s wages and providing other (available) employment benefits as Vangst deems appropriate and necessary under applicable law, and (b) paying, withholding, and transmitting payroll taxes, providing unemployment insurance and workers’ compensation in an amount no less than required by law, and handling workers’ compensation and unemployment claims involving any such Gigster(s).

2. Equal Opportunity. Vangst is an equal opportunity employer. All Gigsters will be presented to Client without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

3. Confidentiality and Acknowledgement Agreement. Prior to placement with Client, Vangst will require each Gigster to sign a “Confidentiality and Acknowledgment Agreement”[provide link to example] which provides (i) that such Gigster is an employee of Vangst alone and not an employee of Client, and therefore, not entitled to holidays, vacations, disability, insurance, pensions or retirement plans, or any other benefits offered or provided by Client to its employees, and (ii) that such Gigster may not disclose Vangst’s nor Client’s confidential information. Where applicable, Vangst will ensure that each Gigster has all requisite state licenses to perform the tasks assigned to such Gigster by Client.