Vangst Direct Hire Placement F.A.Q.

Direct Hire Placement F.A.Q.

1. Summary. Vangst will kick-off the research & development of the role following the authorization of the Agreement and will lead and manage the rigorous process related to identifying, qualifying, and introducing prospective candidates to Client. Vangst will:

a. Prepare a marketplace-ready job description

b. Drive research, outreach, and qualification of prospective candidates

c. Coordinate scheduling and logistics for either or both phone and/or on-site interviews

d. Communicate interview feedback from candidates to the Client and from the Client to candidates

e. Assist with final reference checks, negotiating offer conditions and closing candidates.

Client will hire candidates it determines to be suitable (each, a “Vangst Placement”) based upon Client’s independent review. Each Vangst Placement will be an employee of Client and will work under the sole management and direction of Client. In no event shall the Vangst Placement be deemed an employee of Vangst.

2. Client Responsibilities. Client remains responsible for confirming the accuracy of any resume information and the experience and skills of each candidate and that the candidate is suitable for the Client’s role. Any background checks offered by Vangst are made at Client’s request and expense, performed by a third party at Client’s direction, and are not intended to be an exhaustive check of employment, education or other background information, and are not warranted in any way by Vangst. Any reference checks made by Vangst are not warranted in any way by Vangst.

3.Equal Opportunity. In compliance with applicable laws or regulations, all qualified candidates will receive consideration by Vangst for presentation to Client without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, protected veteran status, or any other characteristic protected by law.

4. Service Initiation & Process. To initiate the Vangst Executive Recruiting service, Client must attend a kick off call as well as collaborate with Vangst to build a job description. Client must also: (a) respond promptly to any reasonable request from Vangst for instruction, information, or approval; (b) cooperate with Vangst and provide access to Client’s personnel with whom Vangst may need to work to provide Services; and (c) provide (i) a signed offer letter to Vangst Placement (“Offer Letter”) and (ii) to provide Vangst with a copy of Offer Letter within two (2) business days of verbal acceptance from the Vangst Placement.