Senior Platform Engineer

Location: Denver, CO

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Job Posted
Dec 19, 2020
Employment Types
Permanent Position
Company: Vangst

Company & Role Overview


A battle-tested, yet personable senior engineer who can confidently contribute to our mission of helping the Cannabis industry succeed through talent matching. You are comfortable proposing system architectures, and getting alignment from engineers around you while discussing the tradeoffs. You feel comfortable steering code review discussions ensuring that opinions are heard, but a decision is made. You can solve the hard problems on your own, but enjoy mentoring other engineers just as much. We seek a motivated, self-starter who can buckle-down and deliver as an individual contributor as well as provide technical direction for a growing team.

Working Environment

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About Vangst

Role Requirements


What You’ll Be Responsible For Achieving:

  • Building highly performant APIs and services in Ruby
  • Leading our migration from Node.js to Ruby on Rails
  • Designing and steering software architecture discussions and decisions
  • Defining and modeling behavior expectations balancing optimism, collaboration and technical leadership
  • Leading our evolving development and testing standards and best practices

Physical Requirements

No information provided.


What Will Make You Successful:

  • Significant experience building APIs and services with Ruby on Rails
  • You are self-directed, confident, and efficient with your decision making
  • Ability to deliver full-stack features in a modern, web-based application(s)
  • Experience designing REST & GraphQL APIs
  • Experience architecting and supporting Javascript single page applications
  • Expertise with modern developer workflows and tool chains (Git, CI/CD, Webpack, Babel)
  • Extensive knowledge of testing best practices at all layers
  • Extensive knowledge of object-oriented and functional programming concepts and design patterns
  • Experience designing and managing complex relational database structures
  • Experience working on an established product with real users
  • You enjoy driving and improving process
  • Confidence pairing with other engineers of all levels

What Will Make you Stand Out:

  • Experience with JavaScript and/or Node.js
  • Experience with real-time distributed database and/or systems
  • Experience supporting the advancement of a monolith app to modern architectures
  • Experience with enterprise SaaS instrumentation products such as New Relic or Elastic
  • Experience with 2 or more additional core technologies (Elixir / Python / Go / React)
  • A reputation for superb communication skills with other engineers and teammates


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