The 2019 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide is Here!

Ellie Herring/Nov 15, 2019

hero-graphic-The 2019 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide is Here!

How much should you pay your trimmers? How much can you make as a Director of Cultivation? As the legal cannabis market expands across the U.S., job seekers and employers alike are looking for answers to common hiring questions. Vangst works with hundreds of cannabis employers to match candidates with common positions like horticulturists, packagers, dispensary managers and more. Our unique position in the industry allows us to gather salary data for these common positions and consolidate the data to create an industry-wide salary guide.

Check out the 2019 salary guide

For our 2019 guide, we surveyed cannabis businesses in the four most common sectors of the industry — cultivation, lab/extraction, manufacturing and retail. In our guide, you’ll find salary information for the following positions:

cannabis industry sector breakdown vangst

1. Cultivation:

  • Director of Cultivation salary
  • Grow Manager salary
  • Grower/Horticulturist salary
  • Trimmers/Post Harvesters salary

2. Lab and Extraction:

  • Director of Extraction salary
  • Extraction Manager salary
  • Quality Manager salary
  • Compliance Manager salary
  • Chemist salary

3. Manufacturing:

  • VP of Manufacturing salary
  • Production Supervisor salary
  • Edibles Specialist salary
  • Production Technician salary
  • Packagers salary

4. Retail:

  • VP of Retail Operations salary
  • Director of Retail Operations salary
  • Merchandise Planner salary
  • General Manager salary
  • Budtenders salary

In addition, we’ve included an updated map of cannabis legalization in the U.S. and legalization information worldwide. To provide the most comprehensive information possible, we complied hiring and industry information for employers and job seekers alike. Hiring and industry highlights in 2019 include:

  • Pain points for candidates hesitant to join the industry
  • Hiring practices employers can implement to improve employee retention and satisfaction
  • Economic impact of the cannabis industryPercent of Americans who support legalization
  • Hot jobs in the industry
  • Benefit offerings across the cannabis industry
  • And so much more!

We want to sincerely thank the businesses who helped make this guide a reality. Without the participation of cannabis businesses in the U.S., this valuable resource would not be possible!


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Offering competitive pay is an important step in attracting the right talent, but job seekers are looking at more than compensation when evaluating opportunities. Because a job listing is one of the first introductions a candidate has with your company, you want to make sure you craft a listing that grabs the attention of the seekers and entices them to apply.

Once you’ve created your dream team, don’t let all your time and energy go to waste by not planning ahead for your ongoing workforce needs. Workforce planning means thinking ahead to make sure your organization can weather changes to your staff. With the new year quickly approaching, now’s the time to forecast your 2020 hiring demands. Q4 is one of the best times to hire additional staff. You can train new hires so they are ready to hit the ground running in Q1 and can take advantage of the decreased competition for talent. With the help of the salary guide and crafting a job listing resource, you can tackle your upcoming hiring needs confidently.

If you’re interested in saving time and frustration by utilizing our team of cannabis industry recruiting experts, feel free to contact us with your needs below. From high-level placements to temp trimmers, we do it all. We only recruit for the cannabis space — our focus is solely on this budding industry.


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The cannabis industry is packed with opportunities for job seekers. If you’re new to cannabis, check out some of our free resources like “how to work in the cannabis industry: requirements by state.” On our requirements by state page, you can check out the requirements in place to join the cannabis industry in your area. For example, Colorado requires a MED badge for all cannabis employees (check out this blog to find out how to get one). 

If you’re interested in pursuing a job in the industry, become a member of the Vangst network.

Whether you’re a job seeker or employer, we hope the 2019 Cannabis Industry Salary Guide provides valuable information for your hiring needs!

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